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Stand Up, Speak Out for FAIR MAPS NOW!

This is your chance to speak up and take back your political power. Sign your name now, tell us your story and help us force the NCGOP to draw fair maps that give everyone a say in their government.

You live in a racially gerrymandered district. Almost two months ago, the United States Supreme Court struck down 28 racially gerrymandered legislative districts drawn by Republicans in the General Assembly. R
epublicans packed minority voters into the same district to dilute your political power. If you're a person of color, the NC-GOP intentionally
 targeted you and your family. Your votes haven't mattered like they should, and that's not fair.

We believe voters should pick their lawmakers, not the other way around. The Supreme Court ruled that lawmakers must draw new maps -- and we want to make sure those maps are fair to YOU.

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    The NCGOP should not have the power to pick their own voters. You deserve to live in an area that was not racially gerrymandered. You deserve an equal voice. Politicians in the North Carolina General Assembly must quit dragging their feet and draw new maps now.