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How much have you spent on school supplies this year?

Teachers and parents should not be asked to provide basic supplies like hand soap and paper towels! Politicians in Raleigh continue to cut corporate taxes, while the rest of us are stuck filling in the funding gaps in our public schools. The fact is, schools have less than half of the money they had 10 years ago for classroom supplies, this is a travesty.

We want to hear your story.
  • Are you a teacher who has spent personal money on supplies for your classroom?
  • Are you a parent who has filled in the gap at your child's school?
  • Have you volunteered to raise funds for these expenses?
Lawmakers continue to force communities and teachers to buy basic supplies. In low income areas many classrooms just go without. This continued drop in funding is disgraceful and has to change. Lawmakers owe us some answers. We must tell the NCGA that we DEMAND school funding be increased to acceptable levels. Your stories will help.

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    For the last 10 years per student education funding continues to go down. In fact, adjusted for inflation and growth in student enrollment schools are receiving $476 less per student Now, even though the stock market has more than recovered, education funding in North Carolina has continued to lag. Only six states have seen a larger drop in per-student investment than North Carolina.

    This leaves teachers with very little resources.  Teachers and parents are forced to spend hundreds on necessary school supplies and every year the supply lists grow as even items like paper towel and copy paper are in short supply.  These deficits are especially problematic in lower income school districts where teachers have little community support.

    Our students deserve to have a quality education. Our teachers deserve the support they need to provide it.