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Tell the General Assembly to reject regressive tax hikes:

At a time when working families are still struggling to recover from the recession, we cannot afford more regressive tax hikes. Senate Bill 20 would increase the minimum gas tax by 66%, as well as expand the income tax to force residents to pay taxes on forgiven mortgage loans and a federal tuition tax credit. In less than five years, these regressive tax hikes would take over $1 billion from North Carolina taxpayers. 

I urge you to vote to reject these regressive tax hikes on working families at time when they can least afford it. 

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    When Senate Republicans rolled out Senate Bill 20, they claimed it would cut the gas tax. Well, it turns out that it does just the opposite. After a temporary gas tax cut, the bill actually increases the minimum gas tax by 66%, which will cost NC taxpayers over $1 billion in less than 5 years. 

    But the regressive tax hikes don't end with just the gas tax. The bill also expands the state income tax to include mortgage loans that were forgiven by lenders as well as forcing residents to pay state income tax on a federal deduction for tuition payments. If all of that wasn't bad enough, Senate Bill 20 also fires 500 workers from the Department of Transporation. 

    Add your name to our petition calling on the General Assembly to reject these regressive tax hikes on working families.