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Tell Gov. McCrory to demand the resignation of State Health Director Dr. Randall Williams:

State Health Director Dr. Randall Williams needs to resign his position effective immediately.

Over the course of the last few months, he has repeatedly proven that he cannot be trusted with the public health of hundreds of well owners with toxic water. His false statements to the press and residents can no longer be ignored. I stand with well owners who are calling for the resignation of Dr. Randall Williams. 

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    UPDATE: In the last few weeks there have been major developments. Dr. Ken Rudo's deposition was released, further confirming that Dr. Williams and other McCrory appointees ignored science when they told residents to drink their water. Then last week the State Epidemiologist resigned in a scathing public letter that accused McCrory's administration of deliberately misleading the public. 

    These new events just add fuel to the fire and make it even more clear that Dr. Randall Williams must resign or be fired. 


    If you’ve been following the coal ash crisis closely, you probably already know why Dr. Williams needs to go. For others newer to the story, here’s exactly why we’re calling for him to resign:

    1. In a letter to well owners, Dr. Williams falsely claimed that toxic well water was as safe as nearby municipal water.

    2. In an interview with WLOS-TV, Dr. Williams falsely said that Duke Energy had no influence in repealing Do Not Drink orders.

    3. In an interview with WTVD-TV Dr. Williams falsely said there was wide consensus within scientific experts at DHHS that it was appropriate to repeal Do Not Drink orders.

    4. Under oath in a taped deposition, Dr. Williams falsely said that he would call families who had hex chromium levels over 10 ppb and reinstate Do Not Drink Warnings. He did so only after reporters read the depositions and discovered that well owners had gotten no new warnings.

    Bottom line: If well owners with toxic water can’t trust the State Health Director, then he needs to go. Add your name to our petition calling Gov. McCrory to demand the resignation of State Health Director Dr. Randall Williams