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For years, 500,000 North Carolinians have been denied access to health care coverage because of the decision to reject Medicaid expansion. As you review options for Medicaid reform, I urge to you to develop a North Carolina plan that makes sure people in the coverage gap are able to get health care.

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    According to the most recent study, by 2020 Medicaid expansion would create 43,000 jobs, nearly $1 billion in new tax revenue and would allow 500,000 people access to affordable healthcare. In addition to the economic benefits, expanding Medicaid would save over 1,000 lives in our state every single year. 

    We need to help those in the coverage gap, who are ineligible for federal subsidies, have the financial security that healthcare insurance provides. It makes sense economically and morally. It's just the right thing to do. 

    We've been told by politicians in Raleigh that we needed to reform Medicaid before expanding it. Now that Medicaid reform is in motion, it's time to also expand coverage to 500,000 hard-working North Carolinians.