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Tell Governor McCrory to keep his campaign promise and pledge to veto any further restrictions on a woman’s right to choose:

HB 465 would triple the already unnecessary waiting period, making it more difficult for women to access what is a safe and legal medical procedure.

This bill is government interference at its worst. This legislation interferes with a woman’s ability to make the best health care decisions for herself and her family.

During your campaign for Governor, you promised to that you wouldn't sign further restrictions on abortion into law. Now you have another chance to keep that promise. 

I urge you to publicly pledge to veto HB 465 and any other restrictions on a woman's right to choose. 

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    The politicians in Raleigh are at it again – pushing extreme bills that will severely limit access to women’s health in North Carolina. HB 465 would triple the medically unnecessary waiting period, and unfairly disadvantages poor women and those from rural areas. 

    Stand on the side of women’s health and add your name to our petition calling on Governor McCrory to keep his promise and pledge to veto HB 465.