In 2014, state lawmakers voted to let Duke Energy raise rates for consumers to clean up their industrial waste by voting down an amendment to the Coal Ash Management Act. As a result, millions of Duke Energy customers across the state will see their electricity rates rise by as much as 14 percent. This is corporate greed at its worst! Duke Energy should not be able to shift the blame onto customers just to clean up its own mess.

Because Duke Energy allowed toxic chemicals to seep into our rivers and threaten our water, hundreds of North Carolina families have been left without safe drinking water and must now receive shipments of bottled water. This is unacceptable and is all thanks to state lawmakers like Representatives Bill Brawley, John Faircloth, and Donny Lambeth.

These politicians had a choice. Not all politicians voted to enable Duke Energy’s corporate greed. We thank State Representatives Pricey Harrison, Ed Haynes, Jr., Evelyn Terry, and Kelly Alexander for standing up to Duke Energy on behalf of North Carolina’s citizens

The public should not have to pay to clean up the toxic mess left behind by an irresponsible company. Unfortunately, politicians in Raleigh voted to let Duke Energy raise electricity bills and dodge financial accountability for their mistake.

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As a citizen of North Carolina, I feel it is wrong for Duke Energy to make huge profits while charging its customers to clean up their mess.  I urge legislators to stop corporate polluters from passing on clean-up costs to the hard-working people of North Carolina.
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