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Tell the State Ethics Commission To Investigate Governor McCrory:

Governor McCrory has, on multiple occasions, failed to properly report income he received and stock he owned while serving as Governor of North Carolina. First we discovered that while his administration was formulating a response to the Duke Energy coal ash spill, Governor McCrory actually still owned at least $10,000 worth of Duke Energy stock. 

Now we have discovered that shortly after McCrory was sworn in as Governor, an online mortgage broker, Tree.com, took unusual steps to pay McCrory $180,000. That's more money than the state of North Carolina paid Governor McCrory in all of 2013. Again, this payment was not properly disclosed on McCrory's ethics filings. 

We simply want to know what is really going on here and why the Governor has repeatedly failed to disclose income and stocks. Please review our complaint and open an investigation into Governor McCrory. 

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    On Monday, January 12th, Progress NC Action filed an ethics complaint with the State Ethics Commission against Governor Pat McCrory. The complaint comes in light of an Associated Press investigation that found Governor McCrory accepted $180,000 from Tree.com, an online mortgage broker, shortly after being sworn in. Just weeks later McCrory appointed the Chairman of the Banking Commission, which regulates Tree.com, as well as a majority of the commission members. The Governor never properly reported the income on his ethics filings.

    That admission came after a report in 2014 that showed Governor McCrory owned Duke Energy stock after their coal ash spill and while his administration was formulating a response. McCrory had reported on ethics filings that he did not own Duke Energy stock, but we now know that wasn't true. 

    These omissions constitute a pattern of questionable ethical fillings. Were the "mistakes" intentional, or simply a sign of incompetence on the part of the Governor and his lawyers? We filed the complaint in the hopes that the State Ethics Commission will find out the truth.