What do we do when abortion rights are under attack?

Stand up! Fight back!

The Supreme Court hangs in the balance. Now Donald Trump is about to try to stack it in his favor. Leave it to Trump to find the most anti-abortion, anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant justice he can round up-- Brett, no-abortions-for-teen-immigrants Kavanaugh. But now he is going to appoint someone who will owe him a debt of gratitude for the job. And of course, Trump is nominating another Supreme Court justice just as the Russia investigation is closing on Trump.

Kavanaugh will be expected to stand up for Trump while throwing abortion rights under the bus, and along with the rights of EVERY marginalized American. The time is now for our elected representatives to represent us and block this nomination.

Please join us in emailing your North Carolina senators and demanding that they block Kavanaugh or ANY SCOTUS nominee made by someone under federal investigation. We cannot have someone in Trump’s pocket setting the law of our land.

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