Republican Election Fraud EXPOSED! Sign to demand a new election NOW.

Shady dealings with absentee ballots in Bladen County are being uncovered. The State Board of Elections is investigating an increasing body of credible evidence of systematic absentee ballot election fraud by the campaign of Mark Harris, a Republican running for Congress. Given the startling evidence, the State Board has twice refused to certify Harris as the election winner. Harris leads Democrat Dan McCready by only 905 votes. There are thousands of absentee ballots that were never returned in Robeson and Bladen Counties.

The NC GOP is currently drawing up the rules for voter ID in order to prevent voter impersonation voter fraud. In 2016, there was only ONE CASE of voter impersonation voter fraud that Voter ID would have prevented. And this new law does nothing to stop absentee ballots election fraud. Republicans in the state legislature appear interested in protecting the integrity of elections only as a rationale for new rules making it harder for people to vote. But when protecting elections means investigating one of their own, it's silence and stonewalling from the GOP.


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The last contested Congressional race in America after the 2018 mid-term election is right here in North Carolina because the results are mired in an increasing body of evidence of REPUBLICAN absentee ballot ELECTION FRAUD.

Republican pastor Mark Harris leads Democrat Dan McCready by only 905 votes.  But the Harris campaign is engulfed in allegations of a scheme to manipulate and trick low income voters (predominantly people of color) into requesting and then handing over their absentee ballots to paid Harris campaign operatives.  Witness statements, news reports, and election data suggest a sophisticated and illegal absentee ballot election fraud scheme organized to help the Republican win.

THOUSANDS of absentee ballots in Bladen and Robeson Counties were not turned in to be counted. We demand a new election be held that is free from the taint of fraud. The citizens of North Carolina US House District 9 have a right to a fair election that is free from fraud.
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