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Tell Governor McCrory and The Legislature to Repeal Their Reckless Tax Giveaways:

New information now shows that the income tax cuts alone from the “tax reform” passed last year will cost $680 million in 2014 and over $5 BILLION OVER THE NEXT FIVE YEARS. That's an increase of $200 million dollars per year. Governor McCrory said that tax reform would need to be revenue neutral. It's now clear that's not the case. Nonpartisan analysis has already shown the vast majority of the benefits go to the wealthiest and big corporations.

North Carolina is currently 46th in teacher pay and experiencing an exodus of teachers leaving for better pay in other states. We simply can't afford such reckless tax giveaways. I urge you to repeal these tax giveaways that primarily benefit the wealthiest taxpayers and stop any further tax cuts from going into effect so we can afford to give our teachers a raise, without damaging cuts to public education or slashing vital health programs benefiting the blind, elderly, and disabled.

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    New figures from the North Carolina General Assembly show that the true cost of the reckless income tax giveaways passed last year are at least $200 million dollars MORE per year than expected. That brings the cost of the income tax giveaways alone in 2014 to $680 million and over five years it will drain $5.3 billion from the state.

    We're in the middle of a month long budget stalemate as leaders cannot find the money to give teachers a raise without dramatic and damaging cuts to public education. By repealing the income tax giveways that primarily benefit the wealthy as well as those benefiting large profitable corporations, there would be more than enough money to give all teachers a meaningful pay raise that puts NC on a path toward the national average, without harmful cuts to vital programs. Please add your name to our petition, which we hope to deliver during the ongoing budget negotiations.