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Tell the Charlotte City Council to stand up to bullies. Preserve Charlotte’s non-discrimination ordinance!

Don’t take the bait. The Charlotte City Council did the right thing when it passed LGBT non-discrimination protections. The Governor and Legislature passed House Bill 2 which sparked the economic damage we’re seeing today. 

Thank you for standing up for equality and inclusion earlier this year. We need you to stand up to bullies in Raleigh now more than ever. Preserve the Charlotte non-discrimination ordinance. Abandoning a commitment to inclusion and equality doesn’t repair North Carolina’s reputation. It doesn’t solve the problem - it compounds it.

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    The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce is pressuring the Charlotte City Council to repeal their non-discrimination ordinance. 

    We’re hearing there could be a vote as early as tonight. Repealing the non-discrimination ordinance would send a terrible message to the LGBT community.

    Here are two things you can do today to help Charlotte stand up to the bullies in Raleigh:

    1. Send a message to the Charlotte City Council and urge them to keep their non-discrimination ordinance and protect their stand for equality.

    2. Attend the City Council meeting tonight at 5PM at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center – 600E 4th Street. We need all the folks who are able to show up and make it clear that the community supports this ordinance and stands against HB 2.